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Lowe’s terrifying flood rescue

Rob Lowe and his family were rescued from severe floods on vacation in France.

The actor was with his family, including some high school friends of his son, when intense rain cut their holiday short.

According to Rob, they held out as long as they could before it became dangerous to stay.

“When I looked out the bedroom window and saw a BMW car floating by... I knew it was probably time to call the rescue people,” he told Extra. “We got 12 inches of rain in two hours in the South of France, a lot of people lost property. We were very lucky. We got rescued by amazing first responders.”

Rob goes on to describe how suddenly and unexpectedly the rain managed to cause such severe damage. While the Parks and Recreation star admits this wasn’t what they were hoping for in a family vacation, it will certainly never be forgotten.

“It’s amazing how quickly it could all turn… my son and all his high school buddies were on a celebratory European trip with us, so they got memories they were not planning for and that they’re never going to forget, that’s for sure,” he said.

Rob has two sons with wife Sheryl Burkoff – Edward, 17, and John, 16. The star has made it clear he is proud of his children and appreciates every moment he gets to spend with them.

“My oldest [son Edward] served on Capitol Hill during the budget crisis, and my youngest son [John] volunteered and was the youngest intern ever at the University of California San Francisco’s Stem Cell Research facility,” Rob previously boasted to OK! magazine.

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