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Lucy Liu loves ‘old-school’ cookies

Lucy Liu has "old-school" tastes when it comes to her favourite sweet treats.

The actress has joined forces with Nestlé to promote the Girl Scouts, an organisation famed for raising money through bake sales.

Lucy revealed her favourite New York City bakery while promoting her Girl Scouts' Treasure Trade project.

"City Bakery [in New York] has this thing there that’s one of my favourite things. I’m kind of old-school, so one of my favourite things is a black-and-white cookie. It’s so my favourite thing," Lucy gushed to Refinery29. "Or a cupcake, something basic. But you say 'black and white cookie' and my eyes get really big."

The Hollywood star has a serious sweet tooth.

She joked she is yet to try a cronut, which is half croissant and half doughnut, and currently sparking a craze in the US.

"I just talked about that today!" she laughed about the cronut trend. "Literally, we talked about that this morning. It’s a big thing now. I’ve had a pretscent, which is a pretzel-crescent, they have them at City Bakery and oh my God, so delicious."

Lucy discussed her reasons for promoting the Girl Scouts at this time in her life.

Her goddaughter is a member of the organisation which made it a personal project for her.

"Yes! I wasn’t a Girl Scout myself. I was super envious and thought it was something incredibly expensive, but it’s not. It’s something you can join, and I can kind of live vicariously through [my goddaughter] now, which is fun," she continued.

"I love their work with the community and that they give back, because when you’re that young you’re really learning what it means to share and what it means to give back."

Lucy worked hard to get where she is today.

She listed a variety of jobs she did before she made it as an actress.

"Oh my gosh, I mean, I did so many things. I worked at a catering company, I did extra work for commercials, I was a secretary, I worked as a hostess, I worked in retail. I’ve done so many things. I worked at an ice-cream shop," she explained. "To me it was always about being involved and being active in my own life, and making sure that I had enough money to at least pay the rent."

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