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Lucy’s ‘pretty country’

Lucy Hale says country music is where her “heart lies”.

The Pretty Little Liars actress is currently preparing for the release of her debut record.

She admitted in Self magazine’s October edition she was “scared as hell” to make country music, but the star now seems confident in her decision to take on this genre.

"Yeah, [my album’s] pretty country! I mean if you guys [at MTV] want to play it, I'm not gonna be mad," she joked to MTV News.

"But, no, it's pretty straight country, which is where my heart is, my heart lies."

Lucy says her album has been complete for quite some time and she can’t wait to get her new tunes out in the world.

But the multitalented entertainer has to complete filming on Pretty Little Liars before that is possible.

"It's done; it's been done for a while. I just have to wait until the show's done for me to promote it," she explained. "The show wraps November 1 and I leave November 2 for a radio tour to promote the single."

Lucy, 24, has spoken previously about her anxiety over being both an actor and a singer. She is prepared for some people to be negative about her dual career.

“That’s pretty much my biggest fear, actually. But then, if people know me from the show and that’s why they give my music a go, then that’s great. I’ve kept quiet about it until the album was done to avoid the clichés as long as possible, but I’m ready for it now – and the music can speak for itself,” she told Company magazine.

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