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Luke Hemsworth: I'm the least desirable Hemsworth

Luke Hemsworth sometimes feels like telling Chris and Liam to "shut up" when they give him career advice.

He might be the eldest of the talented clan, but Hunger Games star Liam and Rush actor Chris are much better known in the industry.

While his siblings dominate Hollywood, 33-year-old Luke remains largely known for TV projects in his native Australia. So what does it feel like to live in your younger brothers' shadows?

“I’m the short, dumb brother,” he laughed it off to Fox News.

“In a lot of ways Chris and Liam are definitely worlds ahead of me in terms of the entertainment industry and the experience it brings which I’m more than happy to concede to. It’s certainly not a bad thing but there are also things that make it a bit harder for me because of the preconceptions that come along with me being a Hemsworth.

"It’s a strange world.”

Luke appeared on the big screen in sci-fi horror Infini earlier this year, but it received underwhelming reviews. While he's open to career tips from Chris, 32, and 25-year-old Liam, it's not always easy to accept.

“Yes, I take their advice but as their older brother a part of me also says, ‘Oh, shut up,'" he grinned.

Luke has Australian war film The 34th Battalion in the pipeline, with British actor Vinnie Jones also starring. But he remains modest about his career.

“Not really,” he answered when asked if he feels it's "his" time now.

“It’s never been a competition thing. It’s about being able to do good work and it always has been. I don’t care where I sit in terms of hierarchy, box office takings or any of that stuff."

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