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MacDowell on family sacrifices

Andie MacDowell turned down work after she realized her children were suffering.

The actress has children Justin, Rainey and Sarah with her ex-husband Paul Qualley.

She's starred in films such as Groundhog Day and Four Weddings and a Funeral since starting a family, which means there's been a lot to juggle over the years.

"My husband and my children had to make many sacrifices," she admitted to German magazine MYWAY.

"After that, I turned down a lot of work, because I realised my children have to come first. Everyone needs to figure out for themselves if fame and work is as important as friends and family to them."

Andie's marriage to Paul ended in 1999 and all her kids are over 18 now.

She did enjoy a three-year marriage to businessman Rhett Hartzog, but it fell apart in 2004.

"Since my kids have flown the nest I obviously have more freedom. But without them, life felt a little lonely at first," she confessed.

"Letting go is a little painful. I'm obviously not very good at it."

The 55-year-old is currently happily single.

Should she fall in love again, she'd have high expectations of her partner.

"My dream man would be someone who is very sure of themselves because they've had time to work on themselves," she revealed.

Now that she has a lot of time to focus on her work, Andie has been picking up more projects.

She appeared in an episode of 30 Rock last year and also in comedy-drama series Jane by Design, which has now been cancelled.

She is in the main cast of Cedar Cove, with the second season set to air in 2014.

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