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Madonna: Ecstasy made me so ill

Madonna has revealed she tried ecstasy in the Eighties, but prefers the buzz she gets from drinking alcohol.

The 56-year-old singer was interviewed by Howard Stern on his SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday night.

And during the in depth chat, Madonna opened up about her experimentations with drugs in the past.

Reiterating what she has said before, the singer added that she was entirely unimpressed by how the substance affected her.

“I tried some ecstasy in the eighties, but I felt so ill for so many days after taking it. It wasn't worth it.”

While she didn’t enjoy her experience taking ecstasy, Madonna admits she did find another substance to give her a buzz.

And the Living for Love star said she still enjoys a spot of alcohol when she has some time off.

“I'm pretty fun when I'm drunk,” Madonna laughed.

Madonna’s latest album, Rebel Heart, is something of a new sound for the ever groundbreaking star.

But while the record looks like it is going to be as successful as her past offerings, Madonna admitted she never counts her chickens.

"I don't focus on my accomplishments, I focus on the things I haven't done yet,” she said.

As well as her music, Madonna has always hit the headlines with her personal life over the years.

She has been married twice, once to Sean Penn and once to Guy Ritchie. She has also had her fair share of celebrity lovers, including Warren Beatty and Tupac, who she admitted to having a romance with during her chat with Howard.

But when it came to rating her former lovers, Madonna was less happy to involve herself in the game.

When Howard asked her if Warren was her best lover, Madonna replied: “I'm not going to answer that one. I'm pleading the fifth!”

And when Howard asked who is the love of Madonna’s life, she answered: “I'm not going there. We're not playing that game. Just shush.”

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