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Madonna: Love is tumultuous

Madonna has experienced the "agony and ecstasy" of being in love.

The singer has had high-profile relationships with stars such as Guy Ritchie, Warren Beatty and Sean Penn.

Madonna has recently been busy promoting her new movie W.E., which she directed. The drama follows the controversial relationship between American divorcee Wallis Simpson and Britain's King Edward VIII during the 30s.

Madonna found it easy to empathise with the character of Wallis, because her own personal life has also been the subject of much speculation.

"I certainly can relate to all that. I know the agony and ecstasy of love," she told MTV News. "I feel like I'm in a very-qualified position to speak of it and make a film about it. Absolutely, for anyone and anything we love [we make sacrifices]. Love equals sacrifice.

"I certainly know what it feels like to be swept off your feet and to feel a deep love and connection to somebody and also be willing to give up things and make sacrifices. I also know what it feels like to be scrutinised and be under the constant microscope."

Despite her tumultuous experiences with romance, Madonna insists she still believes in love.

The 53-year-old star is currently rumoured to be dating French dancer Brahim Zaibat and admits she has become more realistic about relationships with age.

"There's no such thing as perfect love. The idea that we are raised - certainly women, young girls - that the knight in shining armour is going to come and sweep you off your feet and take you on his stallion and you're going to ride off in the sunset, well that's really rubbish, isn't it?" Madonna explained.

"But an intelligent woman gets sidetracked by that notion, and ultimately I have come to the conclusion that we have to save ourselves.

"That said, I still believe in love, and I am a romantic. I hope you get both of those feelings from the film."

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