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Madonna: My tour takes fans on a journey

Madonna enjoys provoking risqué subjects on her Rebel Heart Tour.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Madonna loves exploring the “sacred gift” of sex during her Rebel Heart Tour.

The 57-year-old singer is currently playing shows to packed out audiences around the globe, moving to Canada on Sunday (11Oct15) and performing all the way until March next year (16) when she'll wrap in Australia. There are countless messages Madonna wants to send out to fans through her songs, such as Iconic reflecting strength while Devil Pray is about finding God through experimental means. And the tour has given the star an excuse to share them all.

"I don't just jump from subject to subject, so we have to go on a journey," she explained to Rolling Stone magazine. "We have to start out as warriors, and then we explore themes of sex and religion, because they are things in our society that are always separated. And, to me, sex is a sacred gift that was given to us. It's meant to be played with.

"I like to, obviously, provoke people with concepts of sex and religion's point of view about it. That's because I believe that people need to be challenged even if they disagree with me, which is fine. But I'm not gonna take you song-by-song. We'll be talking for two hours."

While it's expected for an artist to play their new music while touring, choosing the older songs is a difficult task. Madonna has countless iconic tracks to her name, such as Holiday, Vogue and Like a Virgin, but chooses which to include according to the themes she wants to explore. However she is open to trying out new ideas and enjoys the "challenge" of marrying the old with the new.

It'd be easy for Madonna to stick to one playlist when on the stage, but that isn't how the pop legend works. "No. And I just couldn't do it, anyway. I just couldn't do it," she replied when told she doesn't take the simple route when playing concerts.

"Because I've changed, and sonics have changed. The sound of a synth or an 808 (drum machine)... everything has just changed so much. If you put the exact song next to something new, it just sounds so small and mono. You know what I mean? They just can't live together."

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