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Mads Mikkelsen: My fans love knives!

Mads Mikkelsen has received "dramatically big" knives in the post.

The actor takes on the sinister title role in Hannibal, a television show about the infamous fictional cannibal.

It's earned him an army of followers, who occasionally have some strange requests for their idol.

"I've been sent a few knives in the post. I was asked to sign them and I did," he shared with Empire magazine.

"I mean, dramatically big knives."

The show is created by Bryan Fuller, who also has to deal with the self-named 'Fannibals'. His experiences are just was wacky as those Mads has had.

"I get sent wonderful things. Everything from toilet seats to pillowcases to dolls," he grinned.

"The dolls are my favourite, because I'm an action-figure aficionado."

The show is pretty hard hitting and definitely not for the faint of heart. Even Mads admits he sometimes marvels at how Bryan even manages to come up with certain storylines.

Hugh Dancy also appears in the series as Will Graham and he's glad he sometimes gets a heads up about what's to come.

"Every so often we'll get a message or a picture, hinting at what he's going to do with us. 'Oh, I'm going to have antlers coming out of my back...'" Hugh laughed.

"[Bryan] can spin such rich material out of two guys sitting opposite each other and talking loads. But it's the murders that normally stick with me. The murders are great. You know what I mean!"

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