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Maggie Gyllenhaal: Mom forgot my name

Maggie Gyllenhaal revealed her parents gave her a different name to the one she's known as.

The actress has joked that she's been unintentionally lying about her true identity for her whole life, even on official documents like her passport.

The 35-year-old has now officially changed her name to Maggie after uncovering the issue.

"My real name on my birth certificate, which I did not know until a couple of months ago, is Margolit. My mom insisted, 'No, it's not true,' but I had my birth certificate and she finally gave in and said she thought she'd crossed it out," Maggie admitted to the latest edition of Empire magazine. "They wanted to give me some bigger name in case I wanted to be Secretary Of State or something."

As well as having two identities, Maggie leads a double life. When she's not making movies, she can be found working shifts in a food store. Her second job is a project her husband Peter Sarsgaard has enrolled them in.

"I really like food. I do tend to buy expensive food if it's what I want. But we work at this place. It's a co-op and if you work there you get really cheap groceries. I don't do it because you get cheap groceries, I do it because they have incredible food and produce. You cannot just pay to be a member, you have to work there," she explained.

"My husband works a lot of shifts for me because he's really serious about it, but I do the odd shift. I've worked in the office but I have a new shift now, down in the basement where you put the apricots in the little bags. You get in trouble really easy there. They have a lot of rules and I've missed shifts, but I try, I try."

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