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Maggie Gyllenhaal proud of newest role

Maggie Gyllenhaal “loves” working in the UK, she might even prefer it.

The Oscar-nominated actress has been busy filming eight-part BBC drama The Honourable Woman, which follows a British baroness who gets involved in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

And although Maggie has enjoyed an illustrious career, she is particularly moved by this series.

“I have never been more proud of anything I have ever worked on,” she told British newspaper The Sun. “I chose this because of the script. I had never read a script with a woman like this.”

The Dark Knight star moved to the UK to make the television show, bringing her two daughters Ramona and Gloria Ray with her. Her husband, actor Peter Sarsgaard, also visited when he could. The 36-year-old, who was born in New York City and attended Columbia University, didn’t feel like she was in a foreign country while filming.

“I have been here so many times I know where to go grocery shopping, where the kids’ playground is,” she gushed. “I love working here, maybe I even prefer it!"

London is more “easygoing” than New York, the actress previously told The Huffington Post. She noted that it is less of a fight to get quality work seen in the UK versus the US.

“You make something good like this and people will see it. In the States, it's a constant fight to get things seen,” the Donnie Darko actress told The Huffington Post.

Maggie previously said she’d “love” to be in Downton Abbey, but isn’t sure how she would “fit in”.

“There is a parlour game where people say who they would be and a friend said she would of course be Lady Mary. She said I would be the cousin who sleeps with everybody! A rich English playgirl!” she exclaimed to The Sun.

The Honourable Woman premieres on BBC2 Thursday.

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