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Maggie Gyllenhaal torn over feminism

Maggie Gyllenhaal has strong views on feminism and sexism, but isn't offended if a man wants to open a door for her.

The American actress often portrays strong female characters on the big screen, and her on screen alter egos are not too dissimilar to her real life persona.

She's has just finished work on new TV mini-series The Honourable Woman, set to air in July, a spy thriller set against the backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which sees her once again take on the powerful lead role.

"I’ve got some complicated feelings about feminism [too]. The way women are treated nowadays, the [sexism] is much more subtle. For me, I don’t care if someone calls me 'darling'. It doesn’t take any power away from me; I like to be called 'darling'. Or if someone opens the door for me – that does not bother me," Maggie explained to British magazine Stylist.

"But there are other things that do bother me. I’ve been in situations where I’ve said, 'I don’t think this totally works,' and had the feeling I was being perceived as difficult or too much to handle. But if I was a man, it would have been an 'interesting collaboration'."

As well as being a big advocate for women having a voice, she's also spoken at length about her anti-paparazzi views in the past.

Despite her stance 36-year-old Maggie often glances at what the press have written about her.

"I try not to but sometimes I fall into the black hole. That’s probably the truth. I try not to read anything but sometimes I just get pulled in. It’s always when I’m looking for love and that’s not where love comes from," she confessed.

While press intrusion isn't something she's fond of, Maggie is more than happy to share snippets of her life with fans via her Twitter account.

"I like Twitter because I sometimes feel very misunderstood by the press. You give an interview and someone will write something and you think, 'What? How did they take this away from what we spoke about?' So Twitter is the way to put things straight.

"I like how tiny tweets have to be. It’s clever; I like that form. Some of my tweets I feel proud of. Well, I think they’re funny! I’ve been told I’m out of date and should do Instagram but I don’t know how," she laughed.

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