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Maisie Williams: Bieber put your butt away!

Maisie Williams knows people were really hurt by the latest season finale of Game of Thrones.

The Game of Thrones actress made the comments after the singer posted a picture on his Instagram account on Tuesday which showed his bare bottom. The 18-year-old thinks Justin should think about the age of fans before posting such risqué shots of himself.

“No, this is not my thing," she told People Now with a wag of her finger. "Lots of his fans are really, really, young. He should be considerate of that and not have his bare bottom on display.”

Justin, 21, is currently on holiday - having visited Australia before moving on to an unknown exotic location. The Beauty and the Beat singer wasted no time in sharing pictures of his adventures on his social media page, including the snap of his derriere.

“Look(sic)” he simply tagged the picture, which shows him stood full length on a yacht with his back to the camera, completely nude, pointing out to sea towards some picturesque mountains in the distance.

Thankfully Maisie got to talk about other topics as well as the singer during her chat with the outlet. And being part of one of the biggest shows on the planet meant it wasn’t long until she was talking about the controversial ending of the latest series, which saw her on-screen half-brother Jon Snow, be murdered.

“People are really hurt by it, but that's what this show does," she admitted. "If you haven't learned that by now, well, I can't help you.”

Maisie plays Arya Stark in the hit HBO show.

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