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Maisie Williams desperate to drive

Maisie Williams wants to pass her driving test so she can play characters that get behind the wheel.

The British star's turn as Arya Stark in HBO's smash hit series Game of Thrones has launched her career on a global scale, but her lack of motor skills is currently holding her career back.

In a bid to boost her CV, Maisie has sought the help of RED Driving School and tasked them with helping her pass her test. At 17, Maisie meets with the current minimum legal age to take a driving test in Britain.

"I have been sent through so many scripts where my character drives and it’s been such a heartbreaking moment when I realise I can’t go for it," Maisie revealed to "Passing and having the confidence to drive will open up so many more doors for me."

Maisie has taken to driving quickly and recently booked the theory part of her test, which, when completed, will mean she's one step closer to getting on the road.

She confesses to treating the process in the same way as she tackles acting roles.

"Whilst out driving with Dave [instructor] I talk to myself quite a lot and when things get stressful I just tell myself to breathe. It’s similar to acting because you’ve got to be in control of yourself at all times and it’s important to keep relaxed," she explained.

She's even hoping that her new car skills will be written into Game of Thrones, and has come up with a suitable storyline to try and persuade producers.

"I think Arya would love to drive a car. Maybe that way she would have been home in time to save her family!" she giggled.

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