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Maisie Williams: I can’t wait to turn 18!

Maisie Williams says one of the best things about turning 18 this month will be being able to stay in a hotel room on her own.

The Game of Thrones star turns 18 later this month. But before she reaches the landmark age, Maisie has been struggling to check into hotels on her own because of the age limit.

“You’re not allowed to stay in a hotel room on your own if you’re under 18,” Maisie told Britain’s Glamour magazine. “I used to bring an older friend but then I would go to pay for the room and they’d say, ‘You can’t do that either.’ I understand there has to be a rule but it’s frustrating when I’m working in London and have my own money, but I can’t stay because I’m not the right age. I’m not going to trash the room! I just want a place to stay.”

Maisie will celebrate her birthday on 15th April. And the young star, who plays Arya Stark in hit TV show Game of Thrones, can’t wait to be able to prove her age with ID.

“I’m going to check into a hotel,” she said. “And they’ll be like, ‘Can I see some ID?' And I’ll be like, ‘Yeah, you can!’ BAM, that will be great.”

Maisie is transitioning from the small screen to the silver screen this year, with a role in upcoming movie The Falling.

The part required Maisie to star in her first ever sex scene, alongside Joe Cole, which she admits was incredibly difficult to film.

“Joe has done sex scenes before, but this was my first,” she said. “There wasn’t any nudity – but because of the way it was shot, they needed to put the bed on stilts. Of course, one of the stilts fell off and the bed broke. It was an experience.”

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