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Maisie Williams: Limelight can be draining

Maisie Williams has admitted comments online really get her down.

Since joining the cast of Game of Thrones when it hit screens in 2011, the 18-year-old has garnered major star power. And while she appreciates her success, the constant interviews and gossip can be draining.

“Sometimes being in this industry and reading horrible things online - for anyone, not just me - does get on top of you so it’s nice to spend time with real people who are right in front of you,” she admitted to Britain’s ES Magazine.

“This world is totally crazy... It is nice to go home and actually not have to talk about myself all the time, because that’s what I spend my life doing. It’s nice to have a contrast and have a break from this. Then I can not be Maisie Williams, and just be Maisie Williams from Clutton. That’s nice too.”

But it’s not just hard out there for famous teens – Maisie believes teenagers in general get a bad rap.

“[They] just get a bad press for everything. No matter what happens in the press, if it involves a teenager then you automatically get eye rolls,” she said.

She also wants people to be aware that not all teenagers are lazy. Rather than blaming the individual, Maisie paints a bigger picture.

“The thought that if you struggle to get a job, then you can’t be bothered. That’s not the case at all — so many of my friends are so passionate and so willing, and want to work in this world and do great things with their lives,” she argued.

Instead, one person sits on their a**e, so therefore all of us do. It’s just not fair. It’s the judgment before there’s even proof.”

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