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Maisie Williams: Sex talk is still taboo

Maisie Williams thinks attitudes to sexuality are changing, but still have a way to go.

The 18-year-old actress is branching out from her Game of Thrones role, in a much more sexually charged project.

She stars in new flick The Falling, about a school girl who falls in love with her best friend. Maisie is happy to bring women's sexuality to the forefront of conversation.

"What it is, is when you have your best friend and you're so in love with your best friend - I know that feeling - and where your body is changing , yeah, you can be confused with what you're feeling," Maisie told British newspaper Metro.

"These days you can flick through a magazine and see a boy and a boy or a girl and a girl kissing. It's something we talk a lot more about. It's not perfect, but we're talking about sexuality a lot more. I think young girls talking about sex is something we're all a bit weird about. For some reason for boys it's natural, but with girls it's considered weird."

As well as the mature nature of the film, Maisie is also looking more grown up on the red carpet. She attended a screening for The Falling in London last night, stunning on the red-carpet in a sheer prom dress.

She was joined by co-stars Maxine Peake, Florence Pugh and director Carol Morley. Talking about the film, Maisie summarises that it's a true account of what it can feel like growing up.

"[It's an] honest portrayal of angst and not knowing what the f**k is going on with your body when it's changing and not having anyone to talk about it," she explained.

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