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Maisie Williams: We need real dinosaurs

Maisie Williams wants to go back in time and be in the real life Jurassic Park.

The 18-year-old actress is no stranger to bygone eras, with her role as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones requiring her to transport herself to medieval times.

However, it's the land before time which really piques her interest.

"I'd go back to the dinosaurs. I ask my brother all the time, 'Do we have enough DNA to bring a dinosaur to life yet?' Every time, his answer is, 'No, not really,'" she laughed to Empire magazine. "So I'd like to go back there, and be in Jurassic Park, but for real. I want to see the animals then and work out what they've evolved into today. My favourite dinosaur is the velociraptor. I find them quite cute, but they're apparently quite mean. Also they're my height, so not quite so scary."

Maisie has become a worldwide star thanks to her menacing alter ego in the TV show and people often approach her in the street reciting her lines. She's happy to stop for photos, but finds the experience a little weird and nerve-wracking.

She may be too young to pen an autobiography now, with her career still going from strength to strength, but Maisie says she'll call it Wobbly Carrots after a funny incident involving the orange vegetables going off when she was little.

She also recalled another of her early experiences - performing in her first school play.

"I was the star that guided Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. I had white tights on and wore this pillow case with a star drawn on the front. Bit weird. But I was the leading star! The star star," she smiled.

Fans of Maisie can currently see her in a more grown-up part, playing Lydia in The Falling.

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