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Maisie Williams' weird fan encounters

Maisie Williams is often requested to list the people her Game of Thrones character wants to kill.

The British star is known around the globe as Arya Stark, her Game of Thrones alter ego. The award-winning show has been a hit with both fantasy and non-fantasy fans, and Maisie will often make a Comic Con pilgrimage to meet some of GoT’s biggest supporters. However, sometimes the situation can get a bit weird for the 18-year-old.

“If you have a catchphrase then lots of people want you to say that or if you have a poignant line. Arya has people that she wants to kill and people always want me to recite the list so they can record it put their name [on] it as well. It’s really awkward,” Maisie confessed to

“It’s so weird because they are quite nervous but excited and I’m like ‘Joffrey... Cersei...’ and their name. It’s really weird.”

Playing headstrong Arya has opened up a lot of doors for Maisie and she’s now relishing being a movie star as well as a TV name.

She recently starred in The Falling, a drama set in an English girls’ school in the 60s. The part of Lydia provided Maisie with her first sex scene, something she was comfortable doing, as she knew it was important for the story.

“I read so many scripts with these big nude scenes that are just not necessary at all and don’t make any sense, as though someone has just written it for a bit of raciness. But I felt this was something I was very aware of that was going to be coming up soon - nudity or these sort of themes - and I wanted to do something that was really necessary and relevant,” she explained.

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