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Mann: My castmate gave me hives

Leslie Mann reveals she is literally allergic to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, her The Other Woman co-star.

The 42-year-old actress stars in The Other Woman with Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj, who depicts Mark King in the romcom, a lothario romancing three women at the same time.

Leslie, who is married to This Is 40 director Judd Apatow, thought sharing an on screen kiss would be wonderful, but the real-life lip-locking actually turned into a health hazard.

“At first I’d thought, ‘this should be fun getting to kiss him because he’s cute, and I’ve been married 17 years’,” she laughed to British newspaper The Independent.

“But then I kissed him and he’s got that razor stubble and my face turned really red and hurt. So they washed his face because they thought maybe he was using after-shave. And we did it again and everywhere he touched me, I came out in hives.”

While Leslie isn’t starring in Hollywood blockbusters she is at home caring for her and Judd’s two children, daughters Maude, 16, and Iris, 12.

She admits domestic life takes precedence over her career.

“There’s a sacrifice being made. I’m not willing to spend too much time away from my kids so I usually don’t work that much. Judd makes way more money than me. Besides, I’d rather be home,” Leslie explained, before noting sometimes working seems necessary to keep sane.

“I just get to that moment where everything drives me crazy; I don’t want to live in this house anymore; I don’t want to live in this city; I want to tear everything up and move all the furniture. That’s when I know I need to find myself a creative outlet outside of the house.”

The Other Woman will reach cinemas next week.

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