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Margot Robbie: I didn’t feel attractive

Margot Robbie isn’t the best looking in her group of friends.

The Australian actress rose to fame in the Oscar nominated film The Wolf of Wall Street opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. But despite showing off her enviable figure during the movie’s infamous nude scene, Margot never felt like she was pretty when she was at school.

“In my big group of girlfriends at home I am definitely not the best looking,” the 24-year-old told Vanity Fair. “I did not grow up feeling like I was particularly attractive.”

However Hollywood seems to disagree as her career continues to flourish with a role in Tarzan and a forthcoming romantic comedy with Will Smith. Her increasing profile will no doubt be coupled with a boost in her finances, but Margot insists she didn’t enter the industry for the money.

“I’m not extravagant. I share my house in London with five roommates. I take the Tube. I intend to stay the exact same person I always was,” she revealed.

Margot is close to family as well as her friends and they will no doubt help her stay grounded. The beauty cares so much about what they think that she initially withheld the truth from them about the nude scene in The Wolf of Wall Street.

“I just flat-out lied to my family for a really long time and I said, 'I don't care what you hear; there's no nudity; I'm not doing any nudity. Ignore anything anyone's saying; there's no nudity,'" she told host Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show back in January. "And then I thought, 'The movie's going to come out and they're going to see that there's nudity,' so I changed that to 'It's actually a body double and they just CGI'd my head onto someone else.'”

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