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Mario Lopez ‘a kid all over again’

Mario Lopez had no idea having children would change his life so completely.

The 40-year-old shares two tykes with his wife of two years Courtney Mazza – Gia Francesca, three, and Dominic, five months.

And according to Mario, fatherhood is the most unexpected joy he has ever known.

“I never knew I had such feelings inside of me,” he told People magazine. “No matter how rough my day has been, when I get home and hear my children yell, ‘Daddy!’ I feel so much better.

“Being with Gia and Dominic gives me the chance to be a kid all over again. All of a sudden I have two amazing playmates. I can’t imagine my life without children.”

The Saved by the Bell star loves the everyday simplicity of family life, especially the mornings. Breakfast with the children always sets up the day for the TV host and gives him energy.

“I always have breakfast with the kids,” he gushed.

“Courtney usually cooks a breakfast of waffles and oatmeal, and we all seem to be in a good mood. Both of the kids giggle, and it’s so much fun watching Dominic eat his baby food. He just loves it, and he’s getting chubby.”

The family make a point of eating dinner together when Mario gets home from work. He then spends quality time with the kids and catches up on their day.

“Dominic goes to bed, then Gia and I read or play or do something to wear her out because she has an abundance of energy,” he detailed.

“She loves to sing and dance and has become a real night owl!”

Because Mario and Courtney are so devoted to their family, they try and travel together as much as possible.

Mario feels it’s necessary to expose the children to new environments and surroundings.

“We really love travelling with the kids,” Mario said. “We take DVD players to keep them occupied. And Gia loves to move around to new places and see different things. Both children have passports already.”

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