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Marion Cotillard content with self

Marion Cotillard has "finally made peace" with herself.

The Oscar-winning French actress has been battling insecurities since she was a child. However, Marion has felt better in recent years after enjoying success with her career and starting a family with director Guillaume Canet.

"I've finally made peace with myself. I've met amazing people who gave me the keys to make peace with myself," the mother-of-one told the latest issue of UK magazine Marie Claire.

"I had my own world and it wasn't very happy. I was not a very sociable kid. That was my personality. I didn't really know what to do with myself when I was young."

Despite enjoying a laidback bohemian childhood surrounded by loving friends and family, Marion still felt isolated. The 36-year-old star would retreat into a "private world" when she was growing up. She claims that because she stood out from the crowd, she struggled to fit in with her peers.

"Part of myself was happy and part of myself was so dark. For me relationships between people were very hard to get. I know a lot of people were jealous of my family because we had so much freedom," Marion explained. "Our apartment was a space of creativity. We were allowed to draw on every wall of the house. I was confronted by jealousy very, very early on, and when you're a kid it's hard to be different. I was very sensitive."

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