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Marion Cotillard: I converse via dance

Marion Cotillard prefers to communicate through dance because she "hates talking".

The French actress loves to express herself through her favourite form of exercise. The Oscar winner believes she can converse better with dance.

"It's the most playful way to move and, for me, who hates talking, a way of communication I enjoy," she told French magazine Elle.

The 36-year-old star learnt to speak English in New York before rising to fame with roles in movies such as La Vie en Rose, Nine, Inception and Midnight in Paris. However, she would still rather talk in her native tongue.

"There is kind of a freedom and jubilation [to speak in a foreign language]," she said.

"I'm more direct as I use less vocabulary. Strangely, there are not the same challenges when talking in English. While I am phobic of TV in France, being interviewed in English for American TV is almost funny."

Marion has enjoyed her time in America. She came to the country to launch her career.

"I love this city [New York] and it was fundamental in my professional life," she said.

"It's here I shot Nine, it's here I started the run for the Oscars and it's here that I came, very young, to immerse myself at Berlitz [an English language school]... But it is out of question [that she live in New York]. I miss France."

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