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Marion Cotillard: Parisians aren't all that

Marion Cotillard thinks French people need to "open up to the world" more.

The French actress is settling down in Paris with her partner Guillaume Canet and their three-year-old son Marcel. It's the first time she's lived in the city for several years as she's been so busy working and while she's happy, Marion would like her fellow Parisians to wise up.

"The last time I lived here, I was pregnant. So I'm in this process of reconnecting with France. There is this energy of all these amazing people who created this country and this city. But... I feel we need to open up to the world. We have to stop thinking we're the best at everything; it's not true first of all," she told British magazine Stylist. "I mean, it's good to have confidence but at a certain point, you also need to learn from others. But Paris is so beautiful."

One of the films which has kept Marion from the city is Two Days, One Night, which was directed by brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. Marion stars as Sandra, a woman with depression who has to convince her colleagues to ditch their bonuses so she can keep her job.

"Not really," she replied, when asked if anyone in her family has suffered with depression. "But I know what it is to not feel at the right place [in life]. That's something I experienced myself. My parents taught me how to move on when something is stuck and I have the strength not to fall, but I was very close to depression. So [with Sandra] I knew what it was to be lost and deeply in pain and not know exactly where it comes from, or how to stop or deal with it."

Marion's back catalogue is vast and she's starred in everything from blockbusters like The Dark Knight Rises to emotional releases such as Rust and Bone. The challenge of varying her career is what drives the 38-year-old star, who insists there is still a lot she wants to achieve.

"Both," she said, when quizzed on whether she prefers major movies or low-key ones. "Otherwise I wouldn't do both, I always choose a project because I feel it's my place to be there and I love the project, even with the blockbusters. My dream when I was a kid was to be Peter Sellers; to jump from comedy to something totally different. I haven't jumped yet into comedy but that's one of my dreams."

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