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Mark Ronson: How I get funky

Mark Ronson knew his song was good when his dad thought he was playing him a track by someone else.

The producer is dominating the charts with Uptown Funk, which features Bruno Mars.

He's previously gone into detail about what a tough process making the song was, even admitting he threw up with exertion.

"Is that the funk button? Push shift, funk; let's see what happens..." he laughed to BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw.

In reality, the number-one hit took many months to finish, with Mark famously labelling Bruno a "perfectionist" in the studio.

To make sure he was really onto something good, he played it to those closest to him first.

"My wife [is] definitely [a harsh critic]," he smiled. "You know when I knew it was good? I played it for my dad and he thought it was someone else! I was playing guitar and he said, 'That's good, is that Nile Rodgers?' And I was like, 'That's me.' When people thought it was not me anymore, that's when I knew it was good."

Uptown Funk hit number one in several countries, including Australia, America and the UK. While Mark loves the song, he never thought it would blow up like this.

"It's amazing; I can't believe it!" he marvelled. "I do like the song, I do think it's good, but the way it's gone... Even for Bruno Mars, who's had massive success and five, six number ones, it's his favourite song... it's great that people dig it."

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