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Mark Ronson: I'm not special

Mark Ronson thinks his latest album was "last chance saloon".

The 39-year-old DJ-and-producer is the man of the moment thanks to his catchy track Uptown Funk, which features Bruno Mars.

He's always enjoyed the celebrity lifestyle, growing up with socialite Anne Dexter as his mother and counting John Lennon and Yoko Ono's son Sean among his friends. However, Mark doesn't let success get to his head.

“I’ve never thought of myself as more special than anyone else," he assured British newspaper The Sun.

“I look back on those [younger] years now and it is all a bit foggy. Of course I was having fun, being the cliché of my first hit and partying every night.

“But I never expected any success so I didn’t take it for granted. I don’t have any right to be a d**k to anybody.

“So this is the same. I worked harder than ever, and did so much more writing for this album as it was the last chance saloon. If I didn’t make something good, who would care about Mark Ronson?”

Uptown Funk is the lead single from record Uptown Special, which is due for release on January 25 in the UK and January 13 in the US.

Luckily the first track turned out to be a huge hit, but problems while producing it almost tipped Mark over the edge. Initially, it was hard to match his schedule with busy Bruno's - and then technical issues with the computer hit.

“I was in the studio, playing the guitar. We heard this sizzling and suddenly the computer screen explodes," Mark recalled.

"We had to record everything straight to tape, which is cool, but you have to play each tape perfectly. So we’d done literally 60 takes and I’d finish one and be like, ‘F**k it, it is no good.'

"We went out to lunch but hadn’t nailed it. I was sat there, putting on a brave face, pretending everything was fine when Jeff said, ‘What is wrong with your face?’

“I went to the toilet, saw that I’d gone white and threw up three times, then fainted. Jeff had to carry me out of the restaurant."

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