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Mark Wahlberg eyes retirement

Mark Wahlberg hopes he can "retire to play golf" before long.

The American actor enjoys making movies but would also like to have more time to relax. He used to wind down by playing golf but soon realised it was beginning to interfere with other aspects of his life.

"I do [like golf], I don't play as much any more. It's a tough game. I was actually getting good and then I realised I can't make a living out of this so I should focus on my day job," he laughed. "Hopefully if things continue to go good with my day job I can retire and play golf."

Mark was speaking to an Australian radio show while in the country to promote his latest release Contraband.

He was on a tight schedule and was on staying Down Under for one night. The 40-year-old hopes to spend longer there with his wife and four children in the future.

"I can't wait to one day come here with my wife and kids and see the place on vacation. Last time I was here I was with Will Ferrell and we got a little bit more time to do things, we played golf and a couple of other things," he explained.

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