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Mark Wahlberg: I was a bad beau

Mark Wahlberg always tried to hide his true self in front of his girlfriends' fathers.

The actor has a chequered past and was sentenced to two years in prison at the age of 16 after being charged with attempted murder and then pleading guilty to assult.

Aged 43 he's now turned his life around, and is a father to ten-year-old Ella, eight-year-old Michael, Brendan, five, and Grace, four, with his wife Rhea Durham.

He admits he's nervous about his little girls bringing boys home in the future, as he was such a nightmare himself.

"I was a real asshole boyfriend but tried to play that down in front of the girls' fathers," he admitted to

"That's how I know that all guys who want to date my daughters are assholes! It would be great if they all gave my daughters a wide berth. Because, as their father, I will protect them."

Mark stars in the latest Transformers instalment, Age of Extinction. Actress Nicola Peltz, 19, plays his teenage daughter in the film.

"I find that kind of funny," he laughed. "It feels just like yesterday that fathers had to worry about the fact that I was dating their daughters!"

Mark's four kids are lucky to grow up in a life of luxury. However, he wants to make sure they never act spoilt.

"I had a pretty happy childhood, but I grew up under very poor circumstances," he explained. "In contrast, my children have everything they could possibly wish for.

"For me, it's important they never take that for granted in their lives or think they're better than anyone else."

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