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Mark Wahlberg: I’m no thrill seeker

Mark Wahlberg can't stomach plane turbulence nowadays, and insists he's not the "thrill seeker" he used to be.

The Hollywood actor has enjoyed huge success over recent years, but only got into movie making after a troubled youth. He was involved with gangs and drugs and spent 45 days in prison for an assault on a Vietnamese man. The father-of-four insists his life now moves at a totally different pace, and says sipping the odd glass of wine is as wild as it gets.

“This, and this, is about as crazy as my life gets now," he explained to British newspaper The Telegraph, pointing to a glass of wine and a game of online draughts.

"I used to be a thrill seeker. Now I can’t even be on a plane when there’s turbulence without thinking of the wife that I desperately want to get home to and my four kids. No, these days I have no desire whatsoever to seek thrills. Sure, I want to take my kids snowboarding, but I don’t want to jump out of a helicopter at the highest peak of Whistler Mountain any more. Faith, family and work are my priorities now.”

Mark tries to attend church every day to have a "moment of peace and quiet". The Hollywood hunk also insists he strives to forgive people, the way he has been forgiven in the past.

"Although sometimes it’s hard and then I have to be forgiven for reacting in the way that I do. If you’re Robert Downey Jr., [Hollywood loves a reformed character]. But not if you’re Tom Sizemore. If you’re Lance Armstrong, then yeah, maybe. But as long as people own up to what they’ve done and honestly try to do the right thing for the right reasons, then I believe in people being given a second chance. Me, I needed a second and a third chance.”

Mark insists that he "absolutely" doesn't care what people think of him. The 41-year-old star says the only opinions he listens to are those of his wife Rhea Durham and their children.

“I have a lot of confidence in what I do and I think I’m very good at what I do because I’m willing to work hard at it – harder than anybody else," he said.

"I care about what my wife and kids think of me and I work hard to try and do the right thing, but I can’t worry about the things I can’t control.”

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