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Mark Wahlberg wants his kids to study

Mark Wahlberg is still open to the idea of returning to education.

The 42-year-old actor and his wife Rhea Durham have Ella, ten, Michael, eight, Brendan, five and four-year-old Grace together. He first rose to fame in the band New Kids on the Block with his brother Donnie, followed by his own music career under the name Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch before moving into acting.

While he has big educational dreams for his own kids, Mark knows he can’t expect his children to fulfil them when he didn’t graduate high school himself. He had a troubled childhood, having run-ins with the police for incidents such as being charged with attempted murder after attacking a Vietnamese man.

"I can't tell my kids to go to school and get an education if I don't have a diploma," he explained to the new issue of Esquire magazine. "They'd start thinking, Why do we need to go? You didn't go and you turned out all right. But I'm proud to have it. If I want to go on and further my education and study film or whatever, I can do that."

Mark is an advocate for supporting less fortunate young people. He and his other brother James set up the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation over a decade ago, which raises money to help improve the lives of disadvantaged kids.

He grew up in the Dorchester neighbourhood of Boston, Massachusetts, as the youngest of nine children. Speaking about sharing a room with all his brothers, Mark admitted it was often scary.

"[We shared bunk beds], which was great at times and pretty traumatic at times when you were really young," he recalled. "You had brothers that were teenagers and they were doing shit that teenagers do, and you don't understand what it is or why they're doing it."

Although he previously said he didn’t feel safe as a child, despite the trouble he got into Mark doesn't look back at his youth in anger.

"I don't know why I said that or where it came from. It probably had to do with how I was feeling at the time or what I was talking about in particular,” he added. “I think, for the most part, I had a pretty good childhood. It wasn't until we got older that we realised we didn't have what a lot of other people had."

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