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Mark Wright slams ‘weirdo’ ex

Mark Wright has threatened to take legal action against his former fiancée Lauren Goodger, claiming she is using his name to make money.

The former TOWIE star took time out from his idyllic honeymoon in Dubai with new wife Michelle Keegan to vent his fury via his Twitter account. Mark has accused his former co-star of using his name to make money, after Lauren posted a photo of herself enjoying a holiday in Dubai on social media. Mark is so furious with Lauren’s repeated references to him that he has even threatened to take legal action.

“Some people need to let go #weirdo hopefully one day it will stop,” he ranted on Twitter in a series of messages.

“Endless mentions RE: me and us is embarrassing. I really thought after lawyers being involved and polite pleas to stop mentioning me she would stop.

“Maybe not. It’s hurtful to think one person needs to mention YOU every week to earn a living. Being married to another women.

“Almost makes it unfair !! If your reading this, please PLEASE respect my wife and STOP.

“Everyone has a past, get over it !! I really didn’t want to have to do this but enough is enough.

“I wish you well but leave me, my life and my wife out of it. Im sure there is other ways to make money (sic).”

Lauren has mentioned TV presenter Mark on social media as well as in her weekly magazine column.

She recently claimed that she “felt sorry” for Mark and his new wife, adding she had been unwittingly “dragged” into the drama in the lead up to their nuptials.

Mark and actress Michelle tied the knot in Suffolk on May 24 in a lavish ceremony attended by an array of TV stars.

Lauren furiously denied she ever contemplated ruining their big day following rumours that Mark’s friend Arg had been warned not to let her near the wedding.

“What did they really expect him to do? And did anyone really think I’d turn up and beg Mark not to get married? Please! I moved on from Mark a long time ago and I’m getting so bored with having to explain myself,” Lauren wrote in her column for new! magazine.

“I’m happy for him and that’s as far as it goes, so I hope people can leave me out his future now. I have my own life and I’m happy.”

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