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Marsden: I never needed validation

James Marsden and his The D Train co-star Jack Black have spoken about their awkward high school years.

The 41-year-old actor co-stars with Jack Black in their new comedy The D Train, which centres on the strange exploits that take place when a dorky high school reunion committee leader reunites with the most popular guy of their class.

And in hindsight James doesn’t recall ever feeling the need to be socially accepted by his classmates when he attended school.

"I'd never do anything to get validation from my peers growing up. It was never that important to me,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “Some people really get bent out of shape if they're not included in every social circle, and I didn't really care when I was younger. So I don't carry any bad memories from high school or anything that I felt like I had to prove. I was really just too young and naive and excited to move to L.A. to be an actor, and if it didn't work out, I was going to go back and do something else."

James’ castmate Jack had quite a different experience in his high school years.

But even though funnyman Jack felt anxious and bizarre at times as an adolescent, now that he’s a mature 45-year-old man, he forgives himself for whatever transgressions occurred in his teens.

"We all have weird wounds from things that happened in our youth," he said. "That's what shapes us."

The D Train, which also stars Kathryn Hahn and Jeffrey Tambor, reaches American theatres on Friday May 8.

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