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Martin Freeman was fussy dater

Martin Freeman used to rule out dating women who wore cowboy boots.

The 41-year-old actor is now happily settled with his partner Amanda Abbington, who he has two children with.

Before he met Amanda the Hobbit star used to go on dates, but was strict about who he would see a second time.

"I've gone on dates with people when I was younger and you see them come over the escalator and you think, 'No, this is not going to happen.' You know: cowboy boots. No way, no f**king way," he laughed to Esquire magazine.

"You know, they have every right [to wear them]. I'm not that militant anymore because I know that actually it's not that important."

Although he insists he has mellowed with age, Martin still has strong views on certain topics. He is a huge music buff and struggles when people like songs he can't stand.

"I have quite Catholic tastes in music. There's definitely cut-off points for me of things being totally unacceptable and unconscionable f**king crimes in music and fashion," he fumed. "I have friends who can do it, and I love them for it, I don't dismiss them as humans, but I cannot f**king go there."

Martin is proud of his eclectic fashion and music tastes. He likes different things to most people, which he sees as a sign he is an interesting and unusual person.

"Not everyone dresses like me. Not everyone has my record collection because that implies that I'm beige and I'm not f**king beige," he said.

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