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Mary Lynn Rajskub amazed at 24 return

Mary Lynn Rajskub went back to comedy as she didn't think there would be another season of 24.

The American actress plays computer hack Chloe O'Brian in the hit crime series, but thought when series eight wrapped in 2010 that was the end of the show.

After a four-year break 24 is back, delighting TV audiences, and Mary is relishing the chance to play her onscreen alter ego once again.

"I never thought we'd do a series of 24 again. We believed there would be a movie and there was a lot of hype, but then it didn't happen and I went back to doing stand-up comedy. I got into the swing of that again and then they announced [a new series]. I was like, 'I guess we're back,'" she laughed to British magazine Grazia.

Getting to join forces with Kiefer Sutherland was a massive draw for Mary, who loves working with the action star.

Kiefer's turn as the show's hero Jack Bauer has amassed a worldwide audience of adoring fans, but Mary admits that off screen he's not as intense. Instead of saving the world, Kiefer is actually enjoying London life, which is the city the latest season of 24 is set in.

"Working with Kiefer is brilliant fun. I'm more the elusive one. He's living in Mayfair and enjoying the London nightlife, while I've barely been out. Kiefer is pretty hilarious. There are two sides to him. Once he's in the mode of Jack Bauer on set he's super-intense, but in between he can be really silly," she smiled.

On the subject of the season's conclusion, Mary remained coy on what was in store for the characters. Working on such a popular show has taught the 42-year-old actress to keep her cards close to her chest at all times.

"I don't get the scripts for the entire series, so I still don't know whether Chloe will survive. I hope she doesn't die but it's very much a possibility with this show. There are always casualties. We're still filming episode ten, so I have two more episodes to survive to make it to the end. I'm very good at keeping the plotlines a secret - you have to be with 24," she exclaimed.

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