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Matt Damon: My kids use head as musical instrument

Matt Damon was happy to allow his daughter to bang on his head like a drum when he was bald.

The actor shares three daughters and one stepdaughter with his wife, Luciana Bozán Barroso.

Matt portrays lead warrior character Max in new sci-fi picture Elysium and he had to go bald for the part.

The star provided ample entertainment to his family while he was hairless.

“Once my kids got used to it, and my wife, then the rest is kind of easy. They liked it,” he told People magazine. “My youngest was less than a year at the time, and she used to drum on my head. She thought that was the funniest thing, and so, you know, when you’re a parent, you’ll do anything to make your ten-month-old smile. So I would put my head in her lap and let her bang away as long as she wanted.”

Matt thought his transformation into Max was a “really fun” process.

He felt a newfound sense of freedom being bald and his grooming process became a lot less of a headache.

“And as far as just shaving the head, it’s really liberating to jump out of the shower and run a towel over your head and be done,” he smiled.

Earlier this year, the star’s film Behind the Candelabra was released. Matt plays the younger lover of Michael Douglas' character, Wladziu Valentino Liberace, in the feature.

The actor took on an entirely different look for the biopic, which saw him sporting a bronze tan.

“We were trying to do this scene where we wanted it to be - it’s an argument. And I explained to [director Steven Soderbergh] in this parking lot in West Hollywood about my Brazilian tan line that I had to get to make some of the outfits fit and not show a tan line," Matt laughed to Refinery29.

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