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Matt Damon: Working out was fun

Matt Damon says his latest film transformation was a great "excuse" to work out at his age.

The Hollywood actor stars as Max in sci-fi action film Elysium, which is directed by Neill Blomkamp. Matt famously shaved his hair off for the role and gained impressive muscle mass, which he didn't mind doing at all.

"It was just something that Neill kind of saw," he told Access Hollywood.

"He saw the guy a certain way, so it just meant that I had to like just literally go to the gym for like four hours a day, which was kind of fun in its own way, actually, you know, at my age, to be given an excuse to do that, 'cause it's not something you ever really do otherwise!"

Matt was promoting the upcoming picture at film convention Comic-Con alongside co-star Jodie Foster.

The 41-year-old star hasn't previously attended the high-profile event, despite starring in a number of Comic-Con veteran Kevin Smith's films.

"This is my first time here. I don't think I've ever been asked by a studio to come down. I was trying to think, like, [for] some of the earlier Kevin Smith movies, it would have been good," he said.

"But I think Comic-Con has blown up a lot since then too. But we've been talking about this since last year - because it was such a big deal for District 9 - that Neill felt like he didn't want any footage shown anywhere until Comic-Con."

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