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Matt LeBlanc: I hope Joey’s happy

Matt LeBlanc knew he'd be asked about swearing at the British royal family during the promo tour for Episodes.

Joey was one of the six main characters of smash hit show Friends, which made household names out of its stars, including Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox.

The show wrapped in 2004 after ten years on air, but thanks to replays it continues to be popular.

"Hopefully he’s happy. Making money as an actor somewhere in Hollywood – that’s where we left him," Matt told British magazine ShortList when they asked where he thought Joey was. "Yeah, that’s probably what he’s doing."

After Friends finished Joey got his own spinoff show, but it was cancelled after two seasons. Matt has gone on to another hit programme, Episodes, but people still want to know about where he started.

The British royal family have even asked him if there will ever be a film version of Friends, with Matt once saying he told Prince William and Harry to "f**k off".

"That was a joke!" he laughed. "I knew this was going to happen – I did the Conan O’Brien show and I told the story about meeting them at a polo match. I got in this big line of people that wanted to meet them, and all they wanted to know about was the Friends reunion. I told them it wasn’t happening, but on Conan I said: 'I told them to f**k off!' I then said I was kidding – I would never say that – but of course everyone picked it up, and I said to myself, 'I bet when I go to do press for Season 4 of Episodes that’s gonna come up,' and it has.

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