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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Matt ready to rock in Face final

Matt Johnson will transform into Bruce Springsteen

Matt Johnson has joked dressing up as Rod Stewart felt more uncomfortable than being Taylor Swift in Your Face Sounds Familiar.

The Welsh TV presenter is through to the final of the ITV singing contest, where celebrities dress up as famous singing stars, decided by the spin of "the randomiser".

Matt said: "My trousers are getting tighter every week. I was more girlie being Rod Stewart than Taylor Swift!"

But he added: "Taylor Swift was the toughest week for me. It's a weird thing looking at yourself in the mirror as a girl. It's a very weird thing to go through."

Now Matt is ready to rock out as "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen in the final, against Emmerdale star Natalie Anderson as Jessie J, Pointless presenter Alexander Armstrong as Susan Boyle and former soap star Cheryl Fergison as Cher.

He said: "I'm a massive fan of The Boss so getting Bruce Springsteen was awesome.

"The difficult part of it was choosing a song because there's so many Bruce Springsteen songs that I love. So I've chosen Born In The USA, which is epic. I get to have a guitar and I haven't had a guitar, it's going to be fun. I can't wait to be The Boss."

While the celebrities are competing to be named the champion of the series, all the prize money goes to charity, and Matt has already earned money for mental health charity MIND.

He said: "I chose MIND to be my charity because I had a really bad bout of depression in my twenties and I hit rock bottom. And I really wish I'd used them, because I didn't talk to anybody about it, which made me spiral out of control."

::You Face Sounds Familiar airs on ITV on Saturday at 7.30pm.

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