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Matthew Broderick: My twins are self-sufficient

Matthew Broderick's children "run everything" in the family.

The 49-year-old actor has nine-year-old son James and two-year-old twin daughter Loretta and Tabitha with his wife Sarah Jessica Parker.

Matthew is impressed by the closeness and the gusto that his twin girls share.

"I know enough that the personality switches. One at the moment is more Type A," the told People magazine. "They're both kind of Type A. They're two. They just run everything, you know."

Being a doting father to three kids can be challenging at times. Matthew has adapted well to his demanding parental obligations.

"I'm now used to being unable to give everything the attention it deserves all the time," Matthew explained. "You have to be cool like that sometimes - somebody will be screaming about something and you can't immediately give it to them. But they get used to it, so it's sort of nice in a way."

Although his children are all under 10, Matthew admits that he finds it difficult to see his little tots grow up.

"It's kind of sad with twins; they learn to, like, lie on the pillow because you can't always hold them both," Matthew gushed. "They're more self-sufficient. They learn to take care of themselves."

Matthew and Sarah have been married since 1997.

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