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Matthew Broderick: Passive aggressive dogs are the best to work with

Actor Matthew Broderick has spoken about how his family dog impacts his work on Broadway.

Actor Matthew Broderick thinks his co-star Annaleigh Ashford performs the best “passive aggressive roll over” of all time while playing a dog in their new Broadway comedy.

The 53-year-old thespian is currently preparing to star in stage play Sylvia, a production his wife Sarah Jessica Parker acted in when it premiered off-Broadway in 1995.

Sylvia centres on the hilarity that ensues after a couple adopts a dog, who is played by a human.

Matthew’s co-star Annaleigh portrays Sylvia the dog in the show and he couldn’t be happier about how she unleashes her inner hound.

“I particularly saw my dog in the first production, because it was my dog at the time,” he told Variety. “But of course Annaleigh’s doing her dog. She does a very good, passive aggressive, I-don’t-wanna-roll-over roll over.”

Matthew shares three children with his wife Sarah.

And the family pet was graced with its moniker via their tots James, 12, and six-year-old twins Marion and Tabitha.

“We do,” Matthew smiled when asked if he has a pooch. “A dog named Kissy. Named by a child, as you might guess.”

The actor noted Sylvia is becoming something of a family affair on several surprising levels.

Matthew is waiting for his other half to offer him advice following her own experience starring in Sylvia 20 years ago.

“I’m sure Sarah will, once she comes to see it,” he said on whether she has provided him guidance on the production yet. “And I’m told you really have to embrace the dog thing. You really have to go for it.”

Matthew remains the youngest person ever to have received a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in Play - an accolade he picked up for his work in 1983 show Brighton Beach Memoirs.

He last starred in It’s Only a Play from 2014 to 2015, a production he absolutely loved.

“I’ve been in shows by Neil Simon and Mel Brooks, and there were some moments in It’s Only a Play when I got laughs as big as I’ve ever heard,” Matthew said. “My character got asked, ‘What wouldn’t you do for a good review?’ And my line was, ‘Put a bag over my head and I’d f**k you, for one.’ For some reason people just loved that.”

Sylvia’s official Broadway premiere takes place at the Cort Theatre on 27 October (15), with previews having commenced on 2 October (15).

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