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Matthew Fox: Travelling is worst part of my job

Matthew Fox dreads travelling for work because it takes him away from his family.

The Lost actor has two children with wife Margherita Ronchi, a daughter called Kyle and a son called Byron.

Hopping from city to city for press tours never gets easier for the homesick star.

"I'm a little anxious right now because I'm going to be travelling a lot soon. I have three films coming out over the next eight months, which means a lot of travelling, moving around and doing press while staying in hotels. I'm usually a little anxious about that stuff because it's always kind of a whirlwind and it takes me away from my family," he told Indonesian style magazine Da Man.

The 46-year-old actor is looking forward to seeing what people will make of his upcoming movies Emperor, Alex Cross and World War Z.

Nothing compares to being at home with his family though.

"I could not be happier with where we are now in Oregon, settled into this home that my wife and I spent three years building. We are very happy here and so I'd say I'm in a very good state of mind," he said.

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