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Matthew Goode: On-set bullying is not OK

Matthew Goode has never been able to stand bullying on film sets.

The handsome Brit has enjoyed success in movies such as Stoker, Watchmen and Self/less.

He's seen plenty of things on set, including petty disputes between professionals.

"One of the things I've never been able to stand - and it happened to me earlier on in my career - is bullying," he sighed to Total Film. "Particularly between two older actors, who want to steal scenes, and younger people on set. On the rare occasions when people behave like idiots I'm happy to step in."

Matthew was answering a series of questions for a feature called 'You talkin' to me?', in which the publication quizzes celebrities on a range of topics. In the case of the above, it was whether he can surf or fight and although he grew up in Devon, UK, famous for its waves, he reasons he'd look like a "k**b" in a wetsuit.

But when faced with choosing between being a criminal and victim, Matthew was quick to pick his title.

"Certainly as a child I was a criminal, someone who fractured the occasional law. That's a little quote from Beverly Hills Cop II, in case you were wondering," he laughed. "Stealing penny sweets. I think all kids do it."

However he does feel like a victim to critics sometimes and jokes that with the surname Goode he has to work really hard.

The star has already appeared opposite big names including Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Firth, but still has some accomplishments he wants to achieve.

"There are a few people I'd like to work with that I could check off my bucket list. Despite P. Diddy or whoever saying 'Mo money, mo problems', it would be nice to be a bit more financially stable," he reasoned.

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