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Matthew McConaughey: Fame came so fast

Matthew McConaughey has recalled becoming famous “over a weekend”.

The actor hit the movie scene in 1993 with a lead role in coming of age comedy Dazed and Confused.

He went on to star in A Time to Kill alongside Sandra Bullock and Samuel L. Jackson, which was when the 43-year-old realised he had made it big.

“After A Time to Kill I basically got famous over a weekend. The hundred things that I was seeing the Friday before A Time to Kill, there were 99, ‘No’s, you can’t do that,’ and one, ‘Yes.’ Well that Monday there was 99, ‘Yes’s,’ and one, ‘No,’” he recalled to Entertainment Weekly.

“I went, ‘Whoa!’ I was in a place where I was like, ‘Man, I want to do anything, now I have to be discerning and discriminate?’ It was exhilarating; titles of songs came to my head. It was really cool, going through a grocery line and seeing myself on the cover of a magazine! Things like that were fun. I’m putting super unleaded in my tank now.”

Since then, Matthew has taken on roles in popular films such as Magic Mike and Killer Joe.

The actor has become a household name, which he admits was difficult to come to terms with at the beginning.

“But also the world became a mirror very quickly. Over the weekend there were more mirrors in the world everywhere. The challenge for me as an actor is if you become a celebrity you don’t meet strangers anymore. And strangers are where we have our anonymity,” he explained.

“And I believe it’s essential for the soul to be anonymous, especially if you’re going to be an actor... And I had to learn to go find it. And then I had to embrace it, and go OK, if someone comes up, ‘Hey, how’s Miss Hud?’ Instead of going, ‘Wait a minute, how’d you know I have a dog? How’d you know her name was Miss Hud?’ I now understand it’s part of it.”

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