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Matthew McConaughey: I befriended outsiders

Matthew McConaughey was friends with the "gothic gay girl" and "the dwarf" at school.

The Hollywood hunk was a handsome, sporty and popular teenager. He was also more open-minded than other youngsters and hung out with those less socially accepted than him.

The actor added that this mindset served him well when he moved from Texas to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

"Well, look, I've always travelled, so while I came from small-town Texas, I've always been intrigued with culture. I mean, at high school - yes, I was handsome, yes I was on the student council, yes I played sports, but I was also you know, friends with the gothic gay girl, friends with the little dwarf in our school, friends with the nerd who sat on the front row. I would stand up for the little fat kid who everyone picked on," he told movie magazine Total Film.

"I was always crossing sub-cultures and cliques. So when I went to Hollywood in August of '93 with a couple of thousand bucks, I knew it was gonna be blue hair, different religions, sexuality, shapes, sizes, it was like, you know, fine."

The 42-year-old did find one thing difficult to get used to in his new surroundings.

The straight-talking Texan got irritated by over-the-top and somewhat insincere declarations of love.

"I noticed people say, 'I love you,' a lot. And you go, like, 'Hey man, we just met. I just like you,'" he said.

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