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Matthew McConaughey: Script made me sick

Matthew McConaughey wanted to clean himself with a "steel brush" after reading the script for his new movie.

The Hollywood heartthrob has turned his back on romantic comedies to play a hitman in the film Killer Joe. Matthew was horrified when he first saw the plotline for the dark comedy.

"It made me sick. I didn't like it all. I felt it was gross. I wanted to get a steel brush and clean myself off," he told British newspaper The Guardian. "But afterwards I called up someone I work with, who had read it simultaneously, and they tapped me into looking at it a different way. Then [director William] Friedkin talked to me about how absurdly funny he thought [writer] Tracy Letts was, so I reread it and it clicked."

Matthew also revealed why he decided to step away from romantic comedies and appear in movies such as The Lincoln Lawyer, The Paperboy and Killer Joe.

The 42-year-old star admits that while he enjoyed making frothy films about love, he was looking for a new challenge.

"Romcoms are hard in a lot of ways: they're built to be buoyant. It's easy to demean them. I did a few romantic comedies. I enjoyed them. They paid well; they were fun," he explained. "I didn't know if I wanted to do any more. I decided to sit out, and I had to endure for a while. Another one comes with a big old pay check; I had to say no. I was looking for something to be turned on by."

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