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Matthew Morrison: Labour was other-worldly

Matthew Morrison has joked seeing a woman giving birth when he was younger was like watching an "alien".

The actor's father was a midwife when he was growing up and once took his son to work with him. He was only a teenager and was amazed by what transpired.

"My senior year of high school my dad actually took me to work it was the first time I saw a vagina and then this alien coming through," he laughed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The star has no plans to become a father in the near future, but was happy to talk about his love life.

The 33-year-old star revealed he has the hots for one A-list lady. Matthew thinks US First Lady Michelle Obama is beautiful.

"I have such a crush on Michelle Obama," he giggled.

"Does the president know this? He could probably have you killed!" Jimmy joked.

Matthew attended the recent White House Correspondents' dinner and has also sung for US President Barack Obama and his family.

In all he has met the famed politician seven times, with Matthew admitting he "pandered" to Obama.

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