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Matthew Perry: Morning casino trip wasn't so weird

Matthew Perry has explained why he was hanging out at a casino first thing in the morning.

Last week TMZ published pictures of the former Friends star enjoying a flutter at a casino before 7am.

While some might think he had been up partying all night and ended up there, the 45-year-old was actually just finding a way to kill some time.

"It's not the best I've ever looked," he laughed to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

"At five, my eyes just pop open; I'm like a dairy farmer. It's a new thing, but at five I am awake.

"So I figured there won't be any traffic, there won't be anyone in the casino, I'll go and gamble for a bit. And then some jerk took my picture! The whole story was I lost a lot of money but two days later I went back and I won a lot of money and no one took a picture of that!"

The star added that the next time he went back at the "reasonable" hour of 8.15am and that he's fully aware his early-morning trip looked "strange".

Matthew should probably stock up on sleep, as he's busy promoting new TV show The Odd Couple. Based on the 1968 film, which was adapted from a stage play, it's a comedy about two friends who try sharing an apartment when their wives kick them out.

While plenty of Friends fans would be happy to see Matthew embrace his Chandler Bing alter-ego again, he's promised this venture is completely fresh.

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