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Max Irons: Parents are annoying

Max Irons listens to audio books if he has trouble sleeping.

The British actor is the son of fellow thespian Jeremy Irons and Irish actress Sinéad Cusack. But despite coming from acting royalty, the 29-year-old isn't keen on preparing for his roles with his folks.

"It's a bit like when your parents give you driving lessons," he laughed to the American edition of Harper's Bazaar. "You know they're right, and they have wisdom to impart, but nonetheless it's inexplicably irritating."

Max has starred in a number of films including The Riot Club and Woman in Gold.

Despite his reluctance to rehearse with his family, he did appreciate their point of view when he told them he wanted to follow in their footsteps.

"They didn't persuade or encourage. They gave me an honest appraisal of what it is to be an actor," he recalled. "They said it is a very unpredictable life of discombobulation; you can find yourself in different parts of the world, not knowing what you're doing next, and it takes a toll on the family. It involves rejection and instability. But they said, as long as I really wanted it, they would back off and let me do it my way. And they did, which I am grateful for."

With such a hectic professional life, it can be hard for Max to chill out. Thankfully he has one technique that he uses that comes from his school days.

"At night, I have this thing, because I used to get very home sick when I started boarding school - my parents used to send me tape recordings of them reading books, and I'd get one every couple of days. Now, if I can't sleep I will listen to audio books. Very unsexy," he admitted.

His genre of choice is The Cold War, but he does often tune into a comedy book too.

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