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Max Irons: Showing off nearly killed me

Max Irons saw a stunt go wrong when he tried to catch the attentions of a pretty girl.

The 28-year-old actor is the son of British thespian Jeremy Irons. He is now following in his dad's footsteps, but even before he found fame in films such Dorian Gray and Red Riding Hood he regularly caught the opposite sex's attention.

"Once when I was in Italy with a group of mates, there was a girl I was a bit keen on and I jumped off a bridge that was 120ft or something," he recalled to the British edition of Glamour magazine. "I was in a crucifix position while jumping and I remember my fingers grazing the sides of the cliff. I just thought, 'Could have died there,' but fortunately I didn't. I think she was suitably impressed. I swam round the other side of the rock and was violently sick."

Max will next appear on the big screen in The Riot Club, about a secret Oxford University society. With drinking, partying and tonnes of money involved to try and make the most memorable night ever, Max and his co-stars had a ball while filming.

The actor likes to have a good time off screen too, and enjoys hitting the dance floor.

"I like dancing, although I thought I was c**p for a while, but then recently I started again - it's the best thing," he said. "Sometimes I feel a bit gangly - it's tough being 6ft 3in - but I've been assured that I'm not. It's ridiculous because I have won two dancing competitions in my lifetime - one was swing dance and one was a combination of swing and break dancing to the Grease mega-mix."

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